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Hawarden Estate Farm Shop’s “Blackcurrant Bonanza” Pie…..

Our haul of berries

Hello again and thanks for reading my blog.

Last Saturday I happened to notice on Twitter that one of the local farm shops was having a “Blackcurrant Bonanza”. This sounded good to me! It was at Hawarden Estate Farm Shop, they have a pick your own fruit option with choices of Raspberries, Strawberries, Blackcurrants and Gooseberries at this time of year. Their “Blackcurrant Bonanza” weekend included the chance to pick 1kg of Blackcurrants for free. This was a rare treat! So, off we went as a family for a good look around.

Hawarden Estate Farm Shop is a marvellous site with almost everything you could ever need (food-wise) under one roof and everything of superb quality. In addition to the lovely produce inside there’s also the land outside with all of the produce that’s ripe for picking. We set off for the far end of the field to start with the Gooseberries. Poppy and Archie soon became fed up of the spikes on the Gooseberry bushes so we moved onto the Blackcurrants which were more than abundant and perfectly ripe. After harvesting a full kilogram punnet, we moved to the Strawberries which again were at their peak, so much so that I think Archie may have eaten his own weight of them! (Sorry

Archie the Strawb-aholic!

Hawarden Estate, luckily he’s not too big!) Finally, we harvested any Raspberries that were ripe enough for the picking, went to get a fantastic Sour-dough Loaf and pay for what we’d picked.

When we arrived home I made a batch of rough puff pastry in preparation for the following day’s pie. I love fruit pies but have never made one with fresh Blackcurrants alone so this was going to take some careful judgement when it came to adding sugar to the filling. The following day I lined my pie dish and after washing and picking through the fruit to make sure all the stems had been removed, I

Freshly Baked Blackcurrant Pie

tossed them with a sprinkling of caster sugar and 50g of diced butter before putting them in the pie, covering it with the remaining pastry, glazing it with some beaten egg and baking in a hot oven. Whilst it was baking I whipped some double cream with sugar and vanilla to complement it perfectly.

After allowing the pie to cool to an edible temperature, I served each piece with a dollop of the sweetened vanilla cream. The pie was reassuringly sharp but served with the creamy accompaniment, it became perfectly balanced. It was an immediate hit with all of us!

A big thank you to Hawarden Estate Farm Shop for our free Blackcurrants and all of the other marvellous produce we bought. Apparently, more than 400kg of Blackcurrants were picked in total, so I think it’s

Blackcurrant Pie served with Chantilly Cream

fair to say that a fantastic weekend was had by all!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon!



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