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Greek Olives and Olive Oils


Thank you for taking a look at my blog.

It’s been a very busy few days here at Source Fine Food Towers – perfecting final recipes for the Source Fine Food products, finalising labels, testing products from other producers and samples from specialist and regional food importers.

Today I had a very successful meeting with a very helpful lady from a Greek food importer.

She brought some fantastic samples for trial:

Some fantastic samples from my Greek importer.

  • Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • P.D.O. Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Mylopotamos region of Northern Crete
  • Preserved Lemons
  • Throumbes Olives – Sun-dried and salted
  • Rovies Cocktail Olives
  • Kalamata Olives
  • Lucques Green \Olives
  • Picholine Green Olives
  • Pitted Green Olives with herbs
  • Pitted Green Olives with chilli
  • Green Olives stuffed with pimento
  • Green Olives stuffed with almonds

I had been in touch with this particular importer after having used the Rovies Cocktail Olives (listed above) in my previous restaurant business. These are, and remain to be among the best olives that I have ever tried for the price point at which they’re offered. However, I think that I’ve just established a new favourite; Throumbes Dark, Sun-dried and salted olives are an absolute revelation! I’ve tried other varieties of dried and salted olives before but they’ve usually failed to really hit the spot. The only time that I have ever had such good olives have been in top London restaurants. Throumbes olives are sun-dried black Kalamata olives from the island of Thasos in Greece and have proven – for me at least – to be rather difficult to source, until now!

Throumbes olives appearance wise, are somewhere between a large raisin and a small date. They have a raisin quality to their slightly smoky and very savoury flavour with a very fruity perfume. The texture is very soft and if not for the skin of this olive, I suspect that upon placing in the mouth it would probably break down immediately on the tongue! This is no bad thing as the slightly bitter, apple flavour stays with you until your next sip of aperitif and probably beyond. In short, I think that this is THE perfect pre-dinner cocktail snack. Forget about fancy looking canapes to get the palates of your guests going! Save yourself the time and energy and serve a small bowl of these with an aperitif.

A lonely Throumbes Olive - It didn't sit there for long! Mmmmm!


Thanks for reading and until next time,

Happy Eating!


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I am very passionate about all things food! I have been involved in the catering industry in the north-west of England for the last fifteen years. I sold my restaurant business at the start of 2011 and I'm now creating small batch artisan food products for retail, including the very finest recipe for Piccalilli, the best Terrine of Ham Hock, Pate de Campagne and many other delicious treats that will be the finest foods you'll ever taste! Very soon I will be launching an e-commerce website hosting a fine food shop, from which you'll be able to purchase my own hand made produce, as well as some fabulous foods from other artisan producers from the north-west of England and beyond. In the mean time, feel free to have a look at my blog, where I will keep you informed of the very latest news and my own views about many new food and drink products that I think you'll enjoy. Happy eating, drinking and reading!

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